Your past school program

Your past school program

Your past school program or the client that needs to be renovated?

Introduce simple athletic movements, powerful and concentrated exercises. Helping participants improve their speed, agility, balance and muscle definition in a simple format that is easy to learn and suitable for all levels of fitness.

Although drill bits are a kind of group gymnastics, exercises can be easily implemented in personal training programs in individual and group sessions. They gather endless exercises using a common study kit and an inspired vision. Participants will not only have excellent training, but also superstar athletes.

Try to achieve three main objectives:

Create a series of 2 minute challenging aerobic exercise exercises.
Design a “toolbox” full of equipment that allows participants to work effectively and efficiently.
Use the level options (hard, harder, harder), which allow for various levels of ability to work together.
Prepare your pieces
Think simple, effective and fun in exercise planning. Its main objective is to provide excellent training for all bodies. If complex choreography enters your mind, reorient yourself into the sporty aspect of the exercises.

First, write down all the basic athletic moves you can imagine. Your list could be:

Then formulate sports exercises that use variations of these basic movements. For example, turning a basic trot into a fast-paced soccer career, a race-fixed or career-moving genouillissement that challenges the ability of participants to stop and start at marked seasons.

Once you have a list, integrate the equipment. See “Example Drill Sheet” for an example of how to proceed.

The possibilities and combinations are endless, so keep your exercises in a “boring log”. One drill often emits another and then another. You are limited only by your imagination. Keep the workout safely and above all drilled.

Be equipped
Now create your toolbox. Take a few minutes to mentally invent the equipment at your facility. What did you do and how can you use it? Select Step ™, Body Bar ™, tube, stability ball, medicinal ball, jump rope, almost all equipment will work. A caveat: Choose a team that allows participants to work effectively, efficiently and unhindered. Do not use equipment that is too large or too heavy to move quickly. All equipment must be placed in a central storage area that allows users to access any site at any time.

Do not feel limited by lack of supplies. Whether your studio is empty or equipped with the latest in fitness equipment. Mix and match what you have. If you do not have agility cones, but want to do an exercise side shaker, consider using step bands.

Look what you could do with a simple chalk set in relay races in which participants make a point marked, write their name on the field, and then do the chalk sprint the following runners. Be creative; It is not what you have, but how you use it. Change your toolbox frequently. The optional equipment keeps interested participants and makes them cool and exciting exercises.

Take a look outside your business for more ideas. Stairs, exterior decks, race tracks, grassy hills, parking, use of them. Take the stairs; Explore the hills; Mixing a marked line in the parking lot; Hitting the outer jacket for a set of jumping and crunches. Change the routine to keep it interesting. The simple athletic movements that feed the forced holes also make it very portable.


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