White Balance Explained for Beginner Photographers

White Balance Explained for Beginner Photographers

White Balance Explained for Beginner Photographers

If you are a beginner photographer looking for ways to take greater control over the look of the images, this article is for you.

White balance is a setting that, for most beginners, is determined by the camera’s camera.

In many cases, automatic white balance adjustment provides accurate color in images, but it is not foolproof.

In fact, the camera does not even have close to the same accuracy as your own eyes when it comes to determining the colors.

It’s time to have more control over your photos and learn exactly what the white balance.

What is white balance?

Photo IStock-508820650.jpg

To answer this question, it must be addressed in two pieces …

First of all, the whole color of light. Part of the light, just like when the sun sets, is warm and golden. Another light, like a sunny day at midday is cool and blue.

Artificial lighting also has color. The incandescent lights emit a yellow tint. On the contrary, the light emitted by the flash of your camera is cool with a bluish tone.

Our eyes adapt perfectly to the different colors of light. It is a process that you do not realize as it happens so quickly.

Looking at the example above, you can immediately determine that the image has a “hot” tone.

Unfortunately, our cameras can not duplicate this feat. Sometimes we need to tell them what kind of lighting is present.

This brings us to the second part of the answer to our question …

Photo IStock-605769654.jpg

White balance is the process by which the color temperature is balanced in the images you take.

In other words, white balance corrects the color saturation that results from certain lighting situations.

By adjusting the white balance, the target is that the color temperature as white appears as neutral white. Note in the picture above that the woman’s dress is a bright white.

This is because the color is balanced. If it is not balanced, the dress may look like they have a cast color – blue or orange, for example.

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